I Had a Dream about the Presidential Election

I’ve never been very interested in politics. I didn’t Rock the Vote in the 2008 election and I probably won’t vote in the 2012 election. I was sitting in my social work class freshmen year when the professor called on me out of the blue, asking me to name one of John McCain’s beliefs. I told him I didn’t know any. He very rudely told me to “open a book”. Although, I doubt there are many books written about the presidential elections as they are happening.

Just a thought.

Even after the ’embarrassment’ I endured in class, I didn’t go home and Google McCain’s political views. I didn’t read article upon article about the election. I just didn’t.

Even now, I don’t read the paper. I get my political updates from social media sites. Mostly Twitter. Twitter is more likely to have fact than opinion. People have been saving their opinions for Facebook where they’re allowed more than 140 characters, and let me tell you, they take advantage of it.

Here are some Facebook posts from a few of my 638 ‘friends’ that show their views on the election (all exact quotes) :

“So I thought of something last night Romney is the antiChrist and he is the reason the end of the world is apon us”

Photo Credit to igotkittypryde.tumblr.com

“I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or shed a few tears at the fact that there are people in this country who actually think that @ThePresObama is the official Twitter account of the President of the United States. All of those people should be ashamed of themselves, get off of Twitter, and not be allowed to vote.”

“Wake up people….not saying Obama is all perfect n has the solution cuz no one does…but take 20 mins n watch this….he is a cut throat money hungry Fuck who is helping Destroy you n your kids future”

“You know? I didn’t give a rat’s ass about the election, now, I’m for President Obama! #bandwagonjumper #EndTheLockout” (via Twitter)

Both of these posts prove my theory that politically uneducated people shouldn’t vote. I am one of those uneducated people. I believe that my vote matters, and I don’t want to be to blame for the downfall of America because I voted for the wrong person. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Despite the fact that I’m distancing myself from the election, I can’t ignore the various memes, videos, and status’ all over my feeds. I know about Big Bird and the book of girls. But even still, I had a dream the other night about what my subconscious thinks the election should be:

In my dream last night, at the debate, the presidential candidates were giving away pizza. Romney had to force people to take his bread-sticks by throwing them at people. For the second debate, each candidate was paired with a celebrity. Obama with John Mayer. Romney with Stephen Colbert.

Presidential Election: Celebrity Apprentice Style, but without Donald Trump, because we all know how that would go.


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