Pledging My Support

When I was younger, my mother and I would watch every episode of American Idol and we would pick someone from the audition round that we thought would go all the way. We were hardly ever right, but it was fun to play along. Now, watching all the debates, I can’t find myself playing the same game. Currently, I unofficially support Bernie Sanders.

For the first few months of my foray into politics, every time I heard the name “Bernie Sanders,” I thought of Colonel Sanders of KFC. Every time I laughed, unable to take him seriously. But, now, the more I hear, the more I like. So, of course, being the millennial that I am, I had to post my support online, and to do so, I needed Bernie Sanders swag.

Feel the Bern Mug

I searched online for a “Feel the Bern” mug. I found a number of them, personalized on Zazzle or some other website, but I felt I needed the real deal. A mug from Sanders’ own website, even though it was one of the most expensive option at fifteen dollars. Allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery.

During checkout, it asked me if I wanted to donate to his campaign. It wasn’t required, but kindly asked. So I gave. I gave a whopping $10 to the campaign that I wasn’t even sure that I supported. I didn’t feel any different after. I didn’t feel like I helped and it didn’t make me like Bernie any more or any less. It just felt like something I had to do.

Yet, only a week or so after I ordered by Bernie mug, the livelihood of Planned Parenthood was threatened. Facebook told me that Hillary Clinton created a petition to save the women’s health company. I immediately clicked the link, hoping to sign. It brought me to a page, asking me for a donation before signing the petition, but it wasn’t a donation for Planned Parenthood, it was to fund Clinton’s campaign.

I felt, duped, cheated, and trapped. If I wanted to support Planned Parenthood, I had to support Hillary? Not a chance. She only pushed me further into Bernie’s arms.


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