My name is Juliet Barney, an  MFA graduate from The College of Saint Rose. With a name like Juliet, becoming an English Major was inescapable. Throughout my life, I have heard, “Oh your name is Juliet? Lucky for you, my name is Romeo,” thousands and thousands of times. But let me tell you, it never gets old. And with a last name like Barney (the big purple dinosaur that we all know and love), I have suffered through it all. With my namesakes being polar opposites, it is no wonder that my personality is scattered. One, is an iconic Shakespeare character, and the other a mocked children’s aid.

When you think of an English Major, you think of a ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ who sits at home playing chess and listening to Beethoven and Chopin. Not me. I was the English Major who listened to punk rock and metal, but also loved the classic novels of Wilkie Collins. Nothing about me makes sense and I am full of surprises. I tend to reserve my Monday nights for the new episode of Gossip Girl, but on Friday I could be at a concert banging my head to some heavy metal. I hate mushrooms and cats, but given the chance, I would raise a baby lion. One of my lifelong dreams is to own a house with a library, just like the one in Beauty and the Beast (one of my favorite Disney movies). I would rather read than do anything, and when I am stuck at a boring section of a novel, I start reading it in a British accent as a way to keep my attention.

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