What’s a ‘Politic’?

As a proud Generation Y-er, I’m rooted in pop culture. I can name more Kardashians than presidents and everything I know about the White House, I learned from Sam Seaborn on the West Wing. So maybe it’s not a coincidence that I’ve decided to learn more about politics when a pseudo-celebrity threatens to ruin everything.… Read More What’s a ‘Politic’?


Ice-breaker: Making Yourself a Character

On the final card, describe your childhood bedroom. Show us the colors of the walls and make us feel your childhood exuberance. Show us the pattern of your sheets and the shapes your tears left on the pillow. Tell us what posters covered your walls and what colors filled your closet. … Read More Ice-breaker: Making Yourself a Character

What It Feels Like To Get An Encouraging Rejection

Rejections suck. Failure sucks. Even rejections you didn’t know were rejections, suck. You know, that one literary magazine you submitted to three years ago, and you never heard back? Yeah. You got stood up. Stock rejections are like your morning coffee—if you don’t have cream or the sugar. It’s satisfying enough, but there’s something missing.… Read More What It Feels Like To Get An Encouraging Rejection